Walking The Blorenge On A Pretty Windy Day

So I’m currently sat, snuggled on the sofa with Miss P (and Master C) and feeling positively pooped after our walk today.

Fair play, I’m quietly impressed with Miss P as she walked a fair distance thanks to our slight ‘detour’. Just to clarify, we didn’t take a wrong turn, we went exploring a new way… We definitely took a wrong turn but don’t tell Mr P!
(We walked roughly 4 miles in total)

I initially felt cheated when we worked out this distance, as I walked my butt off over the uneven terrain and the boggy paths but then I thought ‘wow, 4 miles!’

I have realised I’m terribly hard on myself and my achievements, and it’s something I must stop doing or this journey will be a hard slog rather than a lifestyle change.

So yes… woop woop 🙌🏼
We walked 4 miles today!!

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