Staying consistent is a bit of a bugger!

It’s been just over a week since my diagnosis of Crohns Disease was confirmed. That’s just over a week of being on steroids and just over a week of taking calcium tablets.

I’ve been very nervous about taking the steroids. I have always associated them with weight gain and an increase in hunger. The very thing I am trying to change! Yet, I haven’t had those side effects so far (touch wood I don’t have them at all). What I have had is tiredness.
Actually, the word tired doesn’t begin to cover the level of exhaustion I have been feeling. I am going to bed at a sensible hour and waking at a reasonable hour yet within hours, I feel exhausted.
Apparently, this can be a side effect along with a symptom of Crohns Disease but it’s definitely the one bothering me most at the moment as I am now very lethargic and inconsistent with my journey.

Even doing the school run (which is no distance at all) and I feel shattered. Most surprising of all for me was the fact I didn’t attend Kung Fu last Monday. That in itself speaks volumes.

So, how do I sort this out? How do I listen to my body without undoing all my hard work because hand on heart, right now, I wouldn’t be able to run up a flight of stairs which was something I had worked hard to do.

Go back to basics? Start again until my body starts playing ball? Or do I plow through and treat it as a different obstacle in this Quest and one I can conquer with a little more determination?
Hmmm, it’s a tough one.
Maybe one that will answer itself when I return to Kung Fu on Monday.

Yep. Being consistent isn’t always easy as it seems huh?

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