Just make the jeans all the same size!!

One of the things I have realised during this Quest is how little self esteem I have.

I’m VERY hard on myself regarding my appearance and I have avoided buying myself clothes from an actual shop for years as I hate crying in public, which is what regularly happens.

To see beautiful clothes on rails that don’t go up to my size was disheartening.
*I can also think of a number of shops that don’t cater for plus size women and that can also be very humiliating when shopping with the girls!

So as you can imagine, these experiences have been quite a big contributor towards my mental health too 👎🏼

And then I saw this image below…
Oh my word! The frustration I feel is off the scale!!

7 pairs of jeans
7 different shops
All the same size (UK 12)
Not ONE pair the same!!!!! 😤😤😤

I am speaking from experience that this effects a woman’s confidence. Her self esteem. Her self body image.

THIS can contribute to eating disorders! Yes, it really is that serious to some.
The panic of not being the size clothing you believed you were, prompting a crash diet when the only thing that has changed is the shop you are in is real!

Shame on those shops and their inconsistencies!!

To all the ladies who share my frustration when shopping, guess what… it’s not you, ITS THEM!!!!!

(Image of jeans @chloemmx)

3 thoughts on “Just make the jeans all the same size!!

  1. Carol Hudson says:

    This is so true…it’s not only the clothes sizes that are all different it’s those awful mirrors and lights in the changing rooms . I particularly hate matalan changing room. No matter what I try on it never looks right . If I see something in there I bring it home to try on then take back if not wanted

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