Hooray! I have finally lost my 1st stone in weight.

I’ve done it fellow Questers!! I have finally lost my 1st stone in weight.

Goodness me that was a long slog. Nowhere near as easy as I had initially thought it would be.
I have a lot of weight to lose, so I assumed it would just fall off me once I started being more conscious of what I am eating but that most certainly didn’t happen!
My diet is STILL not good enough.
I am currently trying to learn and recognise the foods that I am intolerant to due to the Crohn’s which in itself isn’t particularly straight forward.

In all honesty, I don’t think I would have noticed the foods that regularly aggravate my tummy had it not been for my Food Diary. It’s helped me focus on the ingredients along with my choices and that is where I am noticing a pattern.
I honestly cant recommend a food diary enough. If you are trying to lose weight or if you are struggling with losing weight, keeping a diary definitely helps in my opinion.

And the fitness?

As for the exercise side of this, I am also nowhere near as fit as I’d originally hoped… BUT I am also a damn site fitter than I was, so that’s got to count surely?

And the best part of all the blood sweat and tears I have endured through the exercise I have been doing? It has got to be the difference in my body shape. The inches I’ve been losing along the way.
The weighing scales may not have been moving in my favour but the tape measure has.

At the start of this journey I hadn’t anticipated the sheer impact both my physical and mental health would have on this Quest. Changing bad habits I have been doing for the last 20 years has been hard.
Needing to change my mindset has been one of the biggest learning curves and one I don’t feel I have conquered; YET!
*The weight didn’t go on over night and evidently it isn’t going to leave over night either.

I know I have SO much further to go with this Quest and I am also aware I’m facing many more obstacles in regards to the Crohn’s but with this milestone met, I actually believe I can do this.
No, I’ll rephrase that, I AM DOING THIS and man, it feels good!

One thought on “Hooray! I have finally lost my 1st stone in weight.

  1. Tracy Broadley says:

    Good for you Queenie. Slow and steady coming off is more likely to stay off. I’m glad you recognise that you are doing it. And you’re doing brilliantly. You have made so many improvements to how you look at food and with regards to fitness. You are getting healthier by the minute and should be so proud! Keep going lovely, keep going xx

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