Dressing for my achievements so far…

While on a quest to lose weight, what do you do regarding your clothes?
Do you buy a few items in a smaller size just to see you through til the next milestone, size or weight, or do you hold off for as long as possible as you don’t want to waste money?

I’m in this predicament at the moment. The weather’s changing and my autumnal wardrobe is feeling rather loose on me now but its also very close to Christmas and if I’m honest, I would much rater be spending any spare money on gifts for the children rather than clothes I plan to shrink out of (ha, wishful thinking I know)

Yet I have also worked hard to lose that stone and maybe if I was wearing clothes that fit properly, it would give me a confidence boost and spur me on a little?

Still not seeing the change myself

Something I have noticed while wearing my ‘old’ clothes is that it stops me seeing my progress.
They aren’t flattering. They don’t show a change in shape, I just see the reflection of the person that was just shapeless. Well, I say shapeless but the excessive rolls gave a wibbly wobbly shape but at present I have a waist.
Still a big waist admittedly but a waist never the less.

I’ve also noticed family and friends don’t notice the loss until a comparison photo is shown. I’m confident it’s mainly due to my ill fitting attire so maybe I should treat myself. Maybe I should dress to the new me. Albeit for a short while (fingers and toes crossed)

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I measured my waist on Monday and I’ve only gone and lost another 0.5″!!
That’s 2.5″ since the beginning of the journey. Whoop Whoop!!
On a side note… my calf measurements aren’t really changing. I appreciate that’s a random concern but for me, I am noticing it due to knee high boot season approaching and being a larger lady, it isn’t an easy mission to purchase snazzy boots with large calves.
Any suggestions? Is it possible to lose inches around your calves? In my defense, they are muscly and strong as well so maybe this is just me now? I REALLY hope not!

Swings and roundabouts huh fellow Questers?

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