Do a push up? Oh, you’re funny!!

Push ups. Can you do them? I can’t!

I am often asked to do them in Kung Fu training but I can’t. I am allowed to kneel and do them that way along with the class but that’s as good as it gets.
Until now!!!

I Queenie, do solemnly swear to achieve 10 proper push ups by Christmas.

I get terribly upset at the thought of people knowing I am unable to do something because of my size or level of fitness, so the only way to stop that, is to learn how to do it once and for all.

Mr P and I have discussed at length how I can achieve this goal and we have decided breaking down the exercise will make it easier and hopefully more doable.

So, no time like the present to make a start, today I did 30 ‘push ups’ against the hall wall. (Feet together, a short distance from the wall, arms bent and hands placed on the wall approximately shoulders width apart and lean into the wall, then push away from the wall)
Noting I could do this relatively well, Mr P asked me to do 10 more push ups using the kitchen worktop as my base for pushing off. (Same concept as before but with mt feet further away from the kitchen unit so further to lean into and push off)
Oh my word!!! This was much harder for me. My arms may have started shaking but I did it!

*I appreciate this doesn’t sound much to most people but remember I’ve got a lot of weight to lift and at 5’4″, not very long arms.

Once I can do them this way with confidence and ease, I am moving on to using the window sill which is again, lower than the kitchen work top… yikes!

Just to add, that the push ups we do in Kung Fu are pretty tricky things to master. Not only are the standard, classic type done, we also do press ups using our ‘Tiger claws.’ This is where your hands and fingers are in the position of a tiger’s claw and the weight is bearing on your finger tips.
We also do push ups bearing our weight on the back of our hands and wrists and also one mirroring a dragon form that uses the index fingers, the long fingers next to it and the thumb. These are to name just a few that we do, so you can see why I need to get on top of doing the classic one properly.

I shall keep you updated with how I get on with this new challenge but for today and today’s practice… I’m pleased

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