Crohn’s Disease or not, this is my Quest and I will succeed…

When your body isn’t playing ball, what do you do?

I’ve been quite open about my injured leg and the impact it has on me. I also openly talk about my mental health and the struggles I fight daily regarding this Quest. I feel I need to be more open about what is going on (and why) I have moments being full of beans and enthusiasm, to not having the energy to even walk up the stairs…

I was in hospital a little while back, with suspected appendicitis. Having had an MRI scan, it actually showed inflammation of the bowel instead.

Frustratingly, the problems I went to the hospital with, are still happening and I ended up going back to my own GP explaining I still feel rubbish.

It turns out that the scan showed evidence of Crohn’s disease. My symptoms are also pointing to having Crohn’s, but until I have further examination and tests, I won’t know for sure.

There is obviously a possibility it is something different, but for now, I’ve been told that this is the trail of thought.

I’m struggling with this possible diagnosis tbh. I don’t know why as I know it can be managed but Ive been burying my head in the sand, pretending its all in my head.

And then I thought of this group.
We are all fighting our own battles.
None of us are the same size, the same level of fitness or even as able bodied but we do have the same desire to improve. To support. To encourage.

So that’s what I’m doing.

This is a hurdle that I’m having to work hard to get over but it’s achievable.
A diversion to the end goal but not a dead end.
Crohn’s or not, I shall continue to share this journey and any adaptations I need to take regarding diet and exercise.

Please bear with me Questers, I’m here wholeheartedly in mind, I just need this body to play ball too x x x

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