Changing shape, but how???

Boring part first: My health has been awful again this week. Along with the inflamed bowel problems and my temperamental leg, I was generally run down and terribly emotional and if I’m honest, felt the biggest failure going.

I couldn’t participate in the Kung Fu training as I should and I haven’t been on my Turbo Trainer for aaaaages which is proper pants!!

Now the positive bit: BUT I haven’t given up!!!!
I didn’t avoid Kung Fu. I still went, I just needed to adapt a bit.
I haven’t put any weight on!! (Ok, so I haven’t lost any more either BUT none has gone on either so I’ll take that for now)

And now the weird bit…
Mr P took a photo of me today. I compared it to 2 photos taken during this journey and I look different.
I’m not moaning about it but really, what’s going on? How does that even happen?

**** my inflamed bowel is having a huge impact on my diet, energy levels and ability to train. For now I’m needing to take everything day to day until I see the consultant in September.

Bear with me though, I’m still doing this and sharing my blips with you too as I just don’t believe I’m the only one who faces these rubbish times when trying to lose weight/exercising and instead of pretending I’ve got this 24/7. I’m showing you I don’t.
You may be able to relate, you may not but this Quest has only just begun and I am not giving up!!!

2 thoughts on “Changing shape, but how???

  1. Tracy says:

    A definite difference there Queenie so massive well done. You might not be feeling positive but you are positively making a difference in your health and fitness. It’s all in the right direction even if you don’t feel it’s as quick as it could be. Keep going girl – you’ve got this ❤ xx

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