Bunny hops and Kung Fu

He said ‘We need to work on your core’
What he really meant ‘I’m going to destroy you!
What actually happened ‘I WAS BROKEN’

So last night at Kung Fu, the warm ups were BRUTAL!
It started with my teacher commenting that my cousin and I needed to work on our core. *This was mainly realised from the previous week of us groaning and rolling around the floor like upside down turtles when we tried to stand up from failed push ups.

Anyway, the warm ups started with walking around the room. (Rookie mistake number 1: don’t talk and giggle while doing said warm up as your teacher sees this as half arsed effort)

He then placed a stick on the floor to bunny hop over while continuing to walk around the room.

Next he gave us a chair (rookie mistake number 2: never think it’s for sitting on. It will never be to sit on) Noooo the chair was to hold out in front of us while walking around the room AND to bunny hop previous stick while holding the chair!

Putting the chair of torture down, my teacher then, placed 6 chairs (in pairs), face to face, around the room.
’Awwww, break time’ I think out loud… (Rookie mistake number 3: NEVER THINK OUT LOUD!!)

Nope, those chairs were to bunny hop over!!
It should come as no surprise to read that we couldn’t do that, so we were allowed to step over the chairs instead.
All while continuously walking around the room.

Finally a fake, elasticated ladder was added to the mixture and we did a variety of kicks (snap kicks, side kicks, low kicks) with each step through the ladder.

Yes, THEN!
We did our lesson

I kid you not, it took me over an hour to build up the courage to move from the sofa and walk up the stairs to bed once home… ow ow ow OWWW!

Today’s activities will be minimal and probably from the sofa as everything hurts but honestly speaking, I feel brilliant!!(mentally)

That was a great workout

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