Adding those extra steps to a mundane chore

I survived the school shoe shop and I’m here to tell the tale! Yep. You read correctly. I am writing about the boring school shoe shop experience BUT school shoe shop ‘Queenie’s Quest’ style!

I’ve been dreading this day but I couldn’t put it off any longer. I had to go today to get Miss P’s 1st pair of School shoes.

I had planned on doing a high intensity interval training on the turbo trainer before we left this morning but I had a bad tummy through the night and thought better if it.

So instead, I consciously walked extra, (low impact) unnecessary steps while shopping.

I did the whole thing of walking from one end of the Mall and back again even though we didn’t need anything from that part of the complex.

*I did use the escalators at times as that is part and parcel of a 4 year olds shopping trip but the rest was walking.

I appreciate this sounds nothing but it’s the whole aspect of adding a little extra exercise here and there, as well as making it work with a family.

Almost 2 miles walked just doing the school shoe shop.
That’s 2 miles more than if I’d ordered them on the internet with home delivery.

Just because I wasn’t up a mountain or in a gym, doesn’t mean my exercise doesn’t count.
It does!!

So yes, Yay me, 2 miles later, I survived…

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